Why Technology Makes Everyone’s Life Easier

Looking back, one realizes how explosive the 19th century was in terms of innovations. In the pre-industrial era, to send messages, people had to use slow modes of communication such as mail by horse or message delivered overseas by boat. It could take weeks, months, or even years to deliver sensitive messages. This motivated enterprising individuals to find solutions to this very real dilemma.

Like many inventors of his age, Alexander Graham Bell was a voracious experimenter. Born in Scotland, Bell was oozing with creative talent. While other kids would be mindlessly playing, Bell would gather botanical specimens and conduct experiments. Bell’s best friend Ben Herdman helped facilitate many of Bell’s inventive exploits. Herdman’s family owned a flour mill that the two boys used to build their machines.

At the young age of 12, Bell was able to build a de-husking device that would be running on all cylinders at the mill. From a young age, Bell knew he had a knack for invention. In his 20s, Bell and his family ended up moving to Canada, where he continued his experiments, specifically with devices that helped his family’s business of assisting the deaf. Greatly influenced by the deafness of both his mother and his wife, Bell dedicated much of his life’s work to researching hearing and speech and helping the hearing impaired communicate.

During his time in Canada, Bell established a workshop dedicated to the study of the human voice. After years of tinkering and experimenting, Bell made his greatest accomplishment on March 10, 1876 — the day he made the first call on a telephone. Bell’s invention of the telephone was the highlight of his career and a watershed moment during the Industrial Revolution.

After making this call, Bell promptly began promoting his invention far and wide. During the 1876 Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia, Bell showed the telephone to the Emperor of Brazil Dom Pedro. The Brazilian emperor was floored by this invention, declaring “My God, it talks!”

Once word got out of the telephone’s invention, Bell was invited to additional exhibitions nationwide. After it became clear that his telephone invention was in high demand, Bell set up Bell Telephone Company on July 9, 1877. Later on in January 1915, Bell was invited to make a phone call from New York to San Francisco, which was the first ever transcontinental phone call.

Bell was just one of many industrial era inventors who revolutionized the technological landscape and made many people’s lives so much easier. Even into the 21st century, innovation has not stopped.

For real estate investors this is a major blessing. You see, real estate investing is no simple task. Like any proven wealth-building strategy, there’s a lot of work that must be done before you can enjoy the fruits of your investment. For many, there will be a steep learning curve to real estate investment.

But learning the ropes of real estate investing shouldn’t have to be a brain-draining process. Thankfully, for you, my fellow empowered investor, a good friend of mine has a technological innovation that will make your real estate investing experience so much simpler.

Enter the REI Trifecta.

This is my friend Cameron Dunlap’s latest program, which is one of the biggest innovations in real estate investing. By using the REI Trifecta, you’ll be able to find deals with enthusiastic sellers. The REI Trifecta’s innovative, intelligence-based investing system will allow you to complete these sales in a rapid manner.

With just one login, this software platform will let you run your entire business without any headaches. On top of that, you’ll be acquiring new leads, closing deals with ease, and, last but not least, automating your follow-up process.

Now that’s what I call a simplified investing experience.

You shouldn’t have to work for technology. Technology should be working for you. There’s no need for you to pull your hair out when you’re investing in income property. The REI Trifecta’s software will guide you to the path of real estate property, just like any technological innovation should. We’re not Luddites here. We believe that when technology is used the right way, it can open up many doors and make your life easier.

The REI Trifecta is the cream of the crop of real estate investing software systems and it’s generating reliable cash flows for many seasoned real estate investors. And the good news is that we’re holding a webinar to showcase the power of the REI Trifecta.

And it’s FREE to boot! In this webinar, I’ll be showing you how to use this technology to beat your competition, generate consistent lead flows, and repeat your successes in other markets.

So come join this webinar to see how this revolutionary software program can take your real estate investing experience to new heights. Sign-up for the FREE REI TRIFECTA WEBINAR HERE!

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