Use This Trick to Beat Inflation and Grow Your Wealth

One thing you’ll learn in the income property game is that conventional wisdom is often wrong.

You probably remember those days when you got your feet wet in real estate.

You had your doubts.

According to the financial gurus you used to follow, real estate was a scam.

They constantly harped about penny pinching, investing in stocks and other conventional advice.

Occasionally, you would hear some guys talk about holding precious metals to protect your wealth in the case inflation occurs.

Initially, you were very confused by all the conflicting information.

But you trusted your instincts.

You remembered the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs charts that you saw plastered across the classroom walls when you were in school.

A lot of economic activity is primordial in nature.

In other words, people tend to follow their base instincts and use raw emotion to make crucial decisions.

Shelter is one of those, it’s a foundational need for all humans.

It doesn’t matter who you are.

From a shepherd roaming the Central Asian steppes to a yuppie professional in an American metro area, both individuals are united in their need for shelter.

Thankfully, you were able to comprehend this basic fact of human nature from the jump.

And so have thousands of other real estate investors nationwide.

However, there’s one dirty secret about income properties that most don’t pick up on.

Income properties are a fantastic hedge against inflation.

You’ve probably heard about all the chatter regarding “transitory” inflation or some form of inflation being around the corner.

I’m no Nostradamus, but I always tell people to be prepared for the worst.

As they say, forewarned is forearmed.

From Weimar Germany to present-day Argentina, the West has seen developed economies rocked by the scourge of inflation.

Inflation is a hidden tax that destroys wealth and lives.

So it pays to be prepared for these circumstances.

The empowered real estate investor is uniquely positioned to not only weather the inflationary storm but also thrive in this tumultuous environment.

This is what leaves many people flabbergasted, even some people who are quite involved in the real estate space.

F​​our simple words can explain why income property investors are in the clear in the case inflation rears its ugly head.

Inflation-induced debt destruction.

The process is quite simple.

You go to your bank, borrow money, buy a property, and rent out the property.

Your tenant(s) pay the carrying cost on the property.

You then pay the bank back in depreciated dollars while the asset (income property) appreciates faster than the rate of inflation.

You benefit in a two-fold manner: Debt depreciates with inflation and commodities go up faster than inflation.

Pretty game-changing stuff.

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