New Year, New Opportunities

Happy New Year everyone! Jason sends his warmest wishes to all of you for a happy and prosperous 2022! He promises that his much awaited prediction episode of The Creating Wealth Show, which many of you have been asking about, is forthcoming; the problem is… he keeps adding to it! There is just so much to talk about. Jason will go back to some of his old predictions from February and March of 2020 and see what has come true. He could have been more bullish on the real estate side perhaps, but on the whole, his predictions have come true. One of the things he talked about specifically was that shadow housing demand would increase due to various factors including roommates, couples, baby or divorce boom, urban dwellers moving to suburbia (let’s not forget his rise of suburbia prediction made back in 2012), the remote worker trend, the remote working out trend and the multi generational living trend. We’ve seen all of these trends come true in one way or another and they will undoubtedly continue.

Migration Trends and Real Estate Investors

It will be interesting to see in the next year or the coming year after, the next phase of this sort of “Grapes of Wrath” style migration trend which could impact us real estate investors in a positive way. Some other predictions that Jason has talked about before and will address in his upcoming predictions podcast, include supply and demand shock (we know that has certainly come true…), trickle-up economics, wealth transfer and the Cantillon Effect, National Housing Assistance, stagflation and The Great Resignation, the almighty dollar, the digital dollar, pandemic PTSD which we’ll be dealing with for a long time to come, the generational shift in our thinking, the tale of three markets — linear, hybrid and cyclical and how that has changed real estate (many linear markets have become hybrid or cyclical due to the rise of suburbia), UBI, Modern Monetary Theory moving us towards a much more socialist world, the Orwellian surveillance and censorship society of 1984 and much, much more. We’ll see how Jason’s predictions from previous years stack up and hear his most important theories for 2022, so stay tuned!.

When Crisis Means Opportunity

As all of this craziness plays out in the world, Jason wants you to remember something; the symbol for crisis in the Chinese language is the same as the symbol for opportunity, and literally translated it means: crisis is an opportunity riding the dangerous wind. That’s exactly what Jason and his team are here for. They are here to help you navigate these crisis times in which we live and turn them into opportunities. As Jason’s clients and investors have seen in the last eighteen months, the opportunities have been phenomenal. In times of government control and censorship, the pandemic has checked all the boxes for the tyrannical dictators and power hungry elites. British politician Lord Acton once said: power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. We are living in a time of great corruption, so we’ve got to be aware more than ever of what’s going on in the world. Jason and his team will help you take advantage of the right opportunities in the right way to protect the people, places and profits that you care about in these uncertain times. It is going to be a volatile year, but it will also be a year of tremendous opportunity, so let Jason and his team help you make it a happy, new year.

Ashley & The Jason Hartman Team



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