Is Everything Rigged?

American democracy is often portrayed as immaculate by the average political commentator. Elections are always to be trusted and the political process should never be questioned. Things weren’t always so rosy. For example, in 1960 then-Vice President Richard Nixon and then-Massachusetts Senator John F. Kennedy were caught in a highly contested election.

Kennedy ended up defeating Nixon in the Electoral College by a margin of 303 to 219. With regards to the popular vote, Kennedy only won by 112,000 votes out of the 68 million that were cast in the 1960 presidential election.
When it came to states such as Illinois and Texas, the electoral counts were razor thin. In Illinois, Kennedy only won by slightly less than 9,000 votes, while Kennedy won by slightly over 46,000 votes in the Lone Star State.
Had Nixon won in those two states, he would have bested Kennedy in the Electoral College by two votes.

In Illinois, there were rampant rumors that Chicago’s Mayor Richard J. Daley used his powerful political machine to facilitate voter fraud and throw the election in Kennedy’s favor. Other rumors surfaced about mob boss Sam Giancana and his Chicago Outfit playing a role in getting Kennedy elected.
As for the Lone Star State, it was rumored that JFK selected Lyndon Baines Johnson as his running mate for his ability to wheel and deal. More importantly, LBJ had the ability to cobble together votes in the General Election — be it through legitimate or illegitimate means.

In light of voter fraud allegations, Nixon’s campaign staff called on him to pursue vote recounts and challenge the results of the 1960 election. While Nixon was fuming about the irregularities, Dwight Eisenhower, the president at the time, advised Nixon to not contest the election.

Nixon would later give a speech conceding the election to JFK. Was the 1960 presidential stolen from Nixon? Historians — mainstream and revisionist — are still debating that topic to this very day.

One thing is certain, though: The whole game is rigged.

Wall Street is rigged. The macro economy is rigged. Politics is rigged. Let’s face it, practically everything seems rigged these days. Despite most of the game being stacked against you, there are still ways to take advantage of America’s rigged economy. It’s by using the concept of inflation-induced debt destruction. I talk about this a lot in my podcast and interview appearances.

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