Inflation Pandemic: The Problem of Our Lifetime

Jason Hartman
4 min readJun 9, 2022


Recently returned from a whirlwind speaking tour, Jason is back at the microphone, giving you the latest on the topic of the year: inflation. Actually, it’s more like the biggest problem of our lifetime as it rages across the globe, inflating the cost of living up to 70% in some countries around the world. Are we living in an inflation pandemic? Or should we say inflation PLANDEMIC?

Inflation has been rearing its ugly head nonstop and has emerged to be the true global pandemic. In one country, the cost of living is up almost 70%. That’s almost double. Can you imagine the devastation that has caused to people’s lives? No doubt it’s going to do the same thing in the United States. Inflation can be a lot lower than 70%, as you know, and still cause devastation to a wide swath of a population in any given country. And that’s what’s happening in the US. Gasoline prices are absolutely out of control.
Like many other countries, Turkey is facing rising inflation caused by factors such as the pandemic and the war in Ukraine. Turkey has responded by cutting interest rates, not raising them. That’s interesting. Mostly, as we’re doing here in the US, they raise rates to try and cool the economy. But in Turkey, they’ve done the opposite. And the result has been what one analyst calls a “spectacular failure.” Official figures released Thursday show that the overall inflation rate soared to 70% in April, with the cost of necessities (food and non alcoholic drinks) up 89% and prices in the transportation sector went up 105.9%. But still, as this inflation pandemic continues to ravage the world, the US will be better off than probably any other country on Earth.

Unemployment & Labor Force Participation Rate

What other inflationary pressures are in the wings here? The unemployment rate and the labor force participation rates. You probably know already, but companies and businesses are desperate to hire people! Now, it’s interesting because we have some crosscurrents here as we’re hearing about some big tech companies announcing hiring freezes, and in some cases, even announcing layoffs, But overall, the job market is super tight.

What about the dollar? There are a lot of doom and gloomers out there predicting that the dollar will lose its reserve currency status and that we are seeing the decline of the dollar: think again. You have to ask yourself — will the dollar decline compared to what? The yen, the euro, the peso, the Brazilian rial? What other currency is going to do better than the dollar? All fiat currencies are nothing but a race to the bottom. No question about that. But when you have the reserve currency, and the biggest brand the world has ever known, the American brand, (the biggest brand of all time) and the largest military the world has ever known, you’re going to keep that reserve currency status come hell or high water. And that’s just the way it is. And it’s not going away anytime soon.

Income Property — Most Historically Proven and Best Performing Asset in the World

You’ve heard Jason say numerous times that income property is the most historically proven asset class in the world and all you have to do is look around to see that it’s true. In fact, if you look at the past few months, you’ll notice that income property is far and away the best performing asset class in the entire world. Compared to what of course: compared to stocks, bonds, cryptocurrencies — there just isn’t anything that comes close.

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