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Jason Hartman
4 min readSep 5, 2022

Labor Day has been a time-honored tradition in America that is celebrated every first Monday in September.

It commemorates the struggles workers faced during the industrial revolution, when the US transitioned from an agricultural to an industrial economy. The changes were rather profound. As factories dotted urban centers, mass production of goods and services became the norm. People’s living standards increased to unprecedented levels.

Though like any other period of mass innovation, industrialization came with massive costs. These negative effects manifested themselves in the form of pollution, worksite accidents, the employment of child labor in hazardous environments, and general overwork.

In response to these troubling developments, labor unions emerged to hold Big Business accountable. Unions organized various strikes nationwide throughout the Gilded Age (1880–1920) in efforts to improve working conditions and secure better pay for workers. Most notable were the Pullman Strike of 1894 and the Great Anthracite Coal Strike of 1902, which saw the government step in to violently quell these strikes.

Although labor unions were not able to get everything they demanded during this period, they were still able to make gradual gains at the state and local level thanks to their willingness to strike against abusive businesses. On top of the labor protections that they were able to get passed at the state level, states were passing their respective Labor Day holidays to commemorate workers’ efforts to establish safer and more prosperous workplaces.

The first set of municipal ordinances recognizing Labor Day were passed in 1885 and 1886. New York was the first state to have Labor Day legislation introduced. Though Oregon was the first state to pass legislation recognizing Labor Day on February 21, 1887. That same year, states such as Colorado, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York passed their own Labor Day holiday laws.

At the end of the 1880s, Connecticut, Nebraska and Pennsylvania joined the aforementioned states in passing Labor Day legislation. The Labor Day momentum continued well into the 1890. By 1894, 23 additional states had enacted the holiday. This culminated with then-President Grover Cleveland signing federal Labor Day legislation on June 28, 1894. Under this legislation, the first Monday in September of each year would be treated as a legal holiday.

Since then, Labor Day has served as a reminder of the struggles workers faced throughout the industrial era. However, labor unions have largely deviated from their original mission. While unionization had its benefits during the initial stages of industrialization, unions these days have morphed into special interest groups that seek to extract as many resources as possible from productive people. They often rely on intimation and blackmail to get people to join their ranks. Often, they engage in activity that disrupts business operations and makes the lives of average workers more miserable.

The good news is that America still has a significant degree of federalism that allows for states to compete with regards to public policy. Some states will be more pro-union, while others will have more pro-worker freedom policies that allow for workers to freely decide if they can join a union or not. Most states that are pro-worker freedom tend to be also pro-business. By extension, pro-business states tend to also have more landlord friendly policies.

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