Beat the IRS at Their Own Game! Brandon Hall, CPA

Jason Hartman
2 min readAug 25, 2022


Taxes are the single largest expense in most people’s lives. Yet, people spend so little time understanding the tax code and learning how they can benefit from it. The tax code is not a secret. It is public information that anyone can access. But our government has made it incredibly complex to understand. But you can beat the IRS at their own game if you know and implement the right tax strategies and loopholes that save real estate investors thousands of dollars every year.

Jason Hartman welcomes back Brandon Hall, CEO and founder of Hall CPA and TaxSmart Investors to talk about the benefits of the most tax favored asset class in America: income property. If you’re a real estate investor, you really have to have tax strategies in place and know the passive loss rules — you can’t afford not to! Brandon Hall shares multiple strategies and educates you on the ways you can significantly reduce and potentially even eliminate your tax bill through short term rentals and the passive activity loss rules of Section 469.

Understanding the Passive Activity Loss Rules

Brandon Hall CPA, runs a quickly growing national CPA firm with 40+ employees which works exclusively with real estate investors and operators of syndicates and funds. Brandon’s firm has been operating in this space since 2015, focusing on building out this niche expertise advising. Brandon and his firm are always thinking about new ideas and ways to help their clients. One of these ideas or ways that you can really, significantly reduce or potentially even eliminate your tax bill is to invest in short term rentals.

To explain this loophole, Brandon demonstrates how the passive activity loss rules work. Every real estate investor is subject to Section 469 of the Internal Revenue Code and that section is the passive activity loss rule section. Whether you are a long term real estate investor, syndicate or fund owner, limited partner, short term rental owner, everybody is going to be subject to this section. It’s the most important code section for any real estate investor to understand because it’s going to significantly alter your tax outcome.

Tax Smart Investing

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Beat the IRS at their own game and catch the full interview on tax smart investing and tax saving strategies with Brandon Hall here!